Project description

StockMS is a stock management software written in PHP. Its goal is to help managing a stock of references, evaluate stock's value, help not run out of items, print synthesis reports and export these data and reports in portable formats.

StockMS is released under the GNU GPL licence. This means that you can get, use, modify and redistribute this software freely.

This project is hosted by SourceForge.



The latest release of StockMS is 0.1.

You can download the latest release and the CVS version at the SourceForge project page.

Installation instructions

To install StockMS you will need :

Windows users may want to install EasyPHP instead.

Once you have Apache, PHP and MySQL configured, unzip the source in a directory under your document root. This can be any directory you want, but be sure that you know how to access it with your web browser.

Important note : before installation make sure that the file config.php exists and is an empty file. Also, if you run Linux or UNIX, be sure that this file is writable by PHP.

Create a database in MySQL. You can give it any name you want, but you will have to specify it during the installation.

Now you're ready to install StockMS. Open your favorite browser and type the address of the directory you installed StockMS into. For instance, if you installed StockMS in {DocumentRoot}/stockms, go to the address http://localhost/stockms/

You will be redirected to the installation page. Fill in the form with the user name, the password, the database name. You can also specify the language here. When done, click "Install".

About the author

I am at this moment the only contributor to this project.

You can read my résumé (in french) if you have time to waste.

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